Doctrine of Signature

Thoth-Speak also refers to it as the Knowledge Form, Infinity Mandala and Light Inscription.

Wikipedia defines Doctrine of Signature as: The   doctrine of signatures, dating from the time of   Dioscorides   and   Galen, states that herbs resembling various parts of the body can be used by   herbalists   to treat ailments of those body parts. A theological justification, as stated by botanists such as   William Coles, was that God would have wanted to show men what plants would be useful for.

However, from the Thoth Akasha, it is in essence: the memory, path, universal identification all energy beingness contained as a systemic body. The Earth as a planetary body-system has a unique Doctrine of Signature, as does a human, a bee and a genus of flower…and further an individual plant.

This “signature” defines and connects each energy body to Source.

Thoth has mentioned the Doctrine of Signature in my work though out the years, since early in the 1980’s. Here are just a few excerpts…


On the entire planet, in those Days of Light, there was no entropy. All was in a constant state of centropy, which is a focus of order in balance with its essentiality and with the system defining its center of reference. Consequently, nuclear fusion was not then a destructive power but a creative one. Instead of dis-organizing energy into chaos, a centropic valency was reached within a new cosmic geometry focus, creating a new bonding, a new life vehicle. This fusion birth was brought about through internal mind energy generated within the individual and not between two of the same species. In the beginning this was also true of the animals and flora of the planet, but as the souls of the Stellar Race began to create more separateness in their cosmic geometry, and the Infinity Mandala or Doctrine of Signature for the Earth was altered…  – 1985

The Earth has turned through many ages and many ‘worlds’ or world constructs. For each new world there must be delivered from that planet’s ‘Holy of Holies’ or Sacred Sun Atoma, the Knowledge-Form (Planetary Genius) of that world, ascending into the Recording Crystals, and on into the Doctrine of Signature for the planet. Ezekiel was the physical element for that transfer in his time…  – 1986

The receiving of the Seven Thunders – the Lightening-force primal
energies which are the encoding of the First and the Last of the Earths’
Doctrine of Signature; and the entering of these Thunders into specific
crucibles throughout the planet, for the purpose of quickening the dynamic
of the inner sun Atoma to begin sending the full spectrum rays from its
center to the surface of the Earth.  – 1989