Middin Chamber

extract from Temple Doors, Volume 4 – 1997:

Thoth indicates that within the Great Pyramid (Temple of the Risen One) is a chamber which he calls the Middin Chamber. He says the Middin Chamber is quite small, much smaller than the King’s and Queen’s Chambers. This chamber manifests an energy dynamic referred to as the ‘Chamber of the Son’ in The Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge by J.J. Hurtak.

The unification of the consciousness represented in the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and the subsequent linkage of that unified consciousness to the higher worlds of Mazaloth, will occur when the ‘Tribe of Judah,’ is astro-physically and vibrationally aligned with the Great Pyramid through the Middin Chamber.

Judah actually represents a key geometric function (cosine) of the relationships between all the Tribes, or twelve Zodiacal / genetic / para-genetic movements in the lesser heavens.

There will be a specific astro-physical alignment at some point in the future, whereby the angles and geometry of Judah, will be aligned once again through the Middin Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The Middin Chamber works in resonance with the Eye of Horus as a portal through the Mazzaroth to access stellar coordinates of higher Christic consciousness. When the final alignment occurs, it will result in a major and final alignment of the Earth’s consciousness to that of the Christ which hails from the Mazaloth.

Further from Thoth (not sure when given – but sometime in the 1990’s):

The Middin Chamber within the Temple of the Morning Star (etheric double of the Temple of the Risen One) is programmed to focus the redemptive Light codes inherent in human DNA from the chamber’s central point and into the Adonai Kodesh, which then transfers these codes into the greater Light programs of the Adonai `Tsebayoth. (“The Keys of Enoch” Key 206:43, p. 232) These “redemptive codes” are held within the Adam Kadmon template within the human DNA. Through various catalytic dynamics such as the Middin Chamber, these redemptive codes can be reunited with their original form in the Seed Chamber of Divinity within the Godhead. There are souls who have incarnated in genetics which exemplify specific key planetary “soul-races.” When these souls are quickened via the Middin Chamber, they will then become a bio-transmitter for the codes of quickening to be broadcast into the Race Spirits of the soul-races on the planet which they embody. This mass quickening will then further release the redemptive codes of many other souls incarnated upon the Earth. However, some of these souls will not respond to this calling, because either their systems will be shut down to the Adam Kadmon vibration within their DNA due to excessive denial of Spirit, or their DNA will have become too contaminated to receive the signal.

Individually, the auric presence of the Adonai `Tsebayoth, who are angelic in nature, are brilliant and intricate patterns which appear as hoods or mantles of Light about their head. This mantle of Light holds the angelic form of a myriad divine language systems. While these angelic beings do not have human form in their purest essence, they are able to enter the human “inscription of Light” for any given world such as Earth, and to project their vibration through the version of the Adam Kadmon template being used in that world. This is how they accomplished genetic union with humanity in ages past as an act of compassion. It was as a result of this act of compassion that humanity now contains traces of angelic inscription within their DNA.

Hiero’Pyrim – A virtual construct created through the Elohim Network

Within the Middin Chamber of the Heiro’Pyrim is a Flashing Double-Diamond.

The Flashing Double-Diamond of the Hiero’Pyrim is specific for MANI’PHI’STRATA. “Mani” is the life-force “Manna.” “Phi” the Phi Geometry shaping the New Earth Star Hologram of the planet. “Strata” is the layer or station of Light-quanta, building one upon the other through light-engendered soul intention and purpose. Thus, we have “Manifestation” of all intended Light-building formats – both physical and non-physical, coming together in a Unified Field of Divine Harmonics.

Thoth: The Middin Chamber of the virtual pyramid or Hiero’Pyrim, radiates through it core activation the Inscription of Light for the unification of world systems – in this case those of Earth. Such unification requires full manifestational power to actualize all true Heart-Light stations, turning them “on” within the greater grid of the Earth’s DNA Cell. This “Cell” is the combined field / potential of all living DNA on the Earth; and the Earth’s DNA counter-part, which cyclically unfolds from the center of the planet.

As the Earth’s DNA Cell powers up in gradients of synthesis with Universal Intelligence, the codons within the crystalline field of the DNA are now able to connect to (become aware of) greater and greater systems of Being.

To quote from The Star Capstone article on Spirit Mythos:

Visualize a diamond (a double tetrahedron) spinning around a center of tremendous gravity. A supra-hole does not suck energy in, as it is not in space. The gravity it exerts is not what we understand as gravity, but it is related. The supra-gravity does not operate in space…it creates space. So as you see, there are problems in relating this dynamic in human terms. Nevertheless, as you see this diamond spinning around a force that is being exerted on it, the Diamond is affecting the force. This causes the spinner field of the double tetrahedron to spin faster and faster until it starts flashing in and out of it’s source dimension, becoming a tetratryon. Not all tetratryons create universal radials (why some do and some don’t is not an area this article covers), but the ones that do are universe creators. Just one stroke or strobe coming out of the flashing center creates a universe! So in this context, let us return to the star shadows captured within the Great Pyramid. The programs of Light they contain are from just ONE flash of the universe-creating radial. When the Masters tell us “All is One,” this is a good example of what they mean. Every particle of starlight that is within the matter of our universe–in our bodies and DNA and everything–contains the Master Stroke as a holographic vibration.