Pure Gem, Pure Gem Body

An extensive topic in my (Maia’s) Mysterium Teachings.

Thoth speaks of the ‘Pure Gem’ as the future ascended state of the human form. It is a multi-faceted light vehicle for the soul. Thoth encourages us not to wait for the future. Since time is a multi-dimensional vehicle, past and future can be summoned into the ‘now moment’.

From a work I relieved in the 1970’s:

The pure gem is a vibrational melding of etheric wave and human realization, causing a physical reaction. This gem is to manifest in mineral form in the future and will be known as “Starmist”, among other names. The whole of the earth and the physical body of mankind will eventually align their molecular atomic rotation to the etheric level of the Pure Gem. As light is reflected in the prismatic form of a gem, so the sequence of atomic structure will form facets in the genetic structure of man, regulating the diffraction of spiritual energies to encompass the total spectrum of etheric rays. In this new era, beginning with 1976, the earth has entered a new range of harmony with the prismatic rays.

Each gem that is visible to us on earth is only one layer of prismatic rays of that total gem. To clarify the usage of the word “gem” in this context, the definition would be: any hard, natural substance composed of crystals that is designed whether by nature or synthetically, to reflect prismatic light. We must learn to draw upon the total gem and receive from the total seven layers of each gem. In drawing upon gems, healing and various other phases of spiritual illumination can be activated. Different gems contain different alignments. Spiritual life missions are under the direction of a particular gem’s prismatic rays. As the mission elevates toward its purpose, a different gem may he drawn upon.

Understand that the physical gem is merely an externalization of a sequence of cosmic law that is actualized in geometric structure in its physical counterpart. One need not possess a physical gem in order to activate the prismatic rays of that gem. All that is required is the spiritual receptivity and higher-mind understanding of cosmic law.

Current Commentary: the planet is now assimilating these prismatic rays into its phi crystalline geometries.