Triangle of Divine Perception

It is both a Universal Sacred Dynamic and an inner-planes academy of Teachership, under which my Mysterium Teachings are guided.

The scholastic triangle was established by the entity THOTH. He oversees Teacherships on Earth which are directly streaming Metatronic Knowledge Forms of Wisdom and Light attendant to New Earth Ascension Dynamics.

The Academy is a “triangle” as it aligns through three main Templii (divine templaric fields):

1 – Naryhamii (New Earth – in our future)

2 – Eru Khomi in Greater Seraphim (Inner Earth) Keynote: EARTH HARMONICS

3 – Sophis Matra (Templii within the planet Venus) Keynote: DIVINE CHRISTIC FEMININE

In Thoth’s Academy in the City of On, Egypt, this Trinity was upheld and taught, connecting through the three Templii as given above.

The Triangle of Divine Perception as a Divine Form is the Knowledge-Wisdom Path of Return to Source. It is Ineffable in it’s meaning – beyond the pale of mortal understanding, yet intrinsically wedded to the nature of Humanity. 

The TDP as a Divine Light Logos (and thus depicted artistically in various designs) is a powerful Light Shield for the dissipation of Archonistic forces and paradigms.


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The TDP is embedded in the science and emblematic vessel of the Tetractys and Golden Tone Capstone Frequency, and its attendant Tetragrammaton.

For this reason, was Thoth Raismes born with a birthmark of three blue dots on his forehead (which he painted over, usually in lapis or gold).

The TRIANGLE also represents the Divine Trinity of the Mother-Father-Sun, and many other basic Trinities, all aspects of the ONE.

The Three Dots triangulated  symbolize the Chintamani Stone, which Thoth Intelligence reveals as the Divine Form of the Triangle of Divine Perception.

The Chintamani Stone depicted in Nicholas Roerich’s painting.

From my writings in 2004

A meteorite sent from Orion via a specific trajectory to strike the earth. It arrived on this planet 12,582 years ago. It is a primary seeding for re-calibrating the magnetic charge of the planet. It’s frequency is that of restoring the “fallen” pillar in the Temple Wisdom. It is the stone of the Tetragrammaton – the “Lost Word”, sound or vibration. (Thoth also calls this stone the Lapis Exlis aka CHINTAMANI STONE)

According to esoteric author Corinne Heline, the Tetragrammaton is derived from the Greek and it’s meaning is “four letters”. These letters “I H V I” (also “yod-he-vau-he”) stand as code for the name of the Deity, which no human can pronounce. The Being Dionysus was the “Light that Shineth in Darkness” or the “Mystic Midnight Sun”.

Hiram Abiff (incarnation of Thoth Hermes) was the Master Builder of the Temple of Solomon. He was also an initiate of the Dionysiac (also known as the Adonis) Mysteries. Corinne Heline tells us that Hiram bestowed the to Masters in Jerusalem the Tetragrammaton or “Lost Word”. It was this Lost Word which Moses engraved on a plate of Gold. According to tradition, the Tetragrammaton had originally been revealed to Enoch by God. Enoch was taken to a high mountain where he beheld the radiant, inscribed triangle, and then down into a “subterranean place” where once again the golden triangle was seen by him after his having descended through “nine arches”.

At a later time, Hiram would construct a Temple with  nine arches, just as was revealed to him in the vision. Enoch concealed under the ninth arch was a duplicate of the golden triangle with the Tetragrammaton / Lost Word upon it.

Heline states that the true name of God is unpronounceable by the human tongue until that day when humanity enters a state of higher consciousness. The Mystery equivalent of the unpronounceable name is “I AM THAT I AM”.

My artwork of Thoth in his Raismes incarnation.
ThothHorRa as appears to me in his Inner Earth/New Earth embodiment.