World Systems I. and II.

To help us with the idea of world systems, Thoth has given us a scale-context to place it in. The Lemurians called a world system a “NA” or a fluid (progressive) cell. There are 29 “NA” in one “ATA” – i.e. a knot or binding unit. To put things into perspective, we are currently at “NA 1.” The New Earth Star will eventually take “us” through to the next ATA, where it will then become. . . something else – a register within the Full Light Metatronic Spectrum. This could be called “World System II.”

To clarify further:

World System I – Oritronic or Half Light Spectrum. Entropic and trapped in a cycle of birth and death, with reincarnation the main dynamic, which is a soul-cycling back into the System.

World System II – Metatronic or Full Light Spectrum. Non-entropic and “Open-Source” directed. The soul integration dynamic in World System II is manifestatonal flow from one Light Field to another in quantum propagation. This translates to: “Oh I think I will be a butterfly today!”